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Lumini aquarium lights are a great choice

for Marine or Fresh water aquariums at an affordable price!


  • 100% modular design, zero cost maintenance
  • Wifi remote control on iOS or Android devices
  • Built-in 2.4G wireless module, no need cables to connect between lights or connect lights with controllers
  • 95 degree astigmatism optic lens and acrylic panel to provide high light transmittance
  • 4 separate adjustable channels,timing and dimming
  • Simulating all weather patterns including sunrise, sunset, cloud, storm, and lunar cycle
  • Passive cooling and PWM Smart fan to control speed and noise, optimizing heat dissipation

Main Specification

Actual power : 180W

0.59 amps @ 220V; 1.19 amps @ 110V

Power Factor(PF): > 0.96

Frequency: 50/60Hz

AC Cable Length: 4ft

DC Cable Length: 4ft

AC Connector: IEC 320 Inlet

Universal Input Range: 100 to 240VAC / 50 to 60Hz


led aquarium


Length: 33.8 inches/860mm

Width: 7.84 inches/200mm

Height: 11.0 inches/28mm

Weight: 3.6 kg /7.9 pounds


led aquarium


12 x Cool White 5W Bridgelux LEDs
12 x Blue 5W SemiLEDs
12 x Royal Blue 5W SemiLEDs
2 x Red 3W Epistar LEDs
8 x UV LEDs run at 3W Edison
2 x Green LEDs run at 3W Edison
Total: 48pcs

Lifespan: > 50000Hrs

led aquarium

Wifi Intelligent Control

We use the latest and most popular technology DMX and PMW control,

with a 2.4 GHz Wifi signal, enabling wifi remote control on your computer or

iOS /Android devices. Automatic,Manual,Moonlihgt,Thunderstorm mode.

4 separate adjustable channels, timing and dimming. Daisy chain is

available.Our control is intelligent,letting your growth use automated parameters

led aquarium


The Glisten 180 supplies a suitable lifelike

environment for marine tank with the Sunrise,

Sunset, Moonlight, and Thunderstorm effect.

Simulating natural environment for a nature growth rhythm.

freshwater led aquarium lamp


We use full 3w high power Bridgelux chips, these

high intensity LEDs are combined with the use of

95 degree lens, providing high light

transmission levels. Giving amazing results!

led aquarium

Heat Disspation

Passive cooling and speed-controlled fan to dissipate, 40%

cooler than HID lighting,no noise  cool the LEDs below 50 °C.

We apply PWM technology to control the fan, improving control of

brightness,and control of fan speed and noise. With self-monitoring

function, once the fan stops working, the LED brightness would

darken to 20% so as to protect the light.

led aquarium


The Glisten 180 has 4 programmable channels to control

the spectrum, 100% usable for reef growth.

With the dimmer and timer in each cahnnels,

you can customize the spectrum by yourself and

to achieve a greater effect.

lumini Glisten180 (1)


We know how important your investment is.

Like personal computers, LED technology is

developing rapidly.We’ve designed the Lumini

Glisten 180 to be forward thinking.

100% modular built, and allowed

to be upgraded as the technology progresses.


lumini Glisten180 (2)